How Artisan turned 360-degree audio into a laser show

Artisan and Little Dot Studios have created a stunning installation for Samsung, bringing to life the idea of a room filled with high-quality, balanced sound using colour and light.

The 360 Sound Experiment was unveiled at a VIP event to launch the company’s omni-directional Wireless Audio 360 speakers at London’s Victoria House last week.

Ben Kreukniet and his team created a physical representation of sound waves in real time using an installation that fuses 411 laser beams with a 4K holographic projection and real-time sound analysis software to physically fill a room with sound and light.

This experiment was recorded live and everything was driven by the Samsung Wireless Audio 360. 

It aimed to demonstrate how 360 sound offers people the freedom to enjoy the same high-quality sound anywhere in a room.

Set to music composed by Aiden Lavelle, who has worked with Gorillaz and Massive Attack, and directed by Ross Cairns, the installation uses light beams to visualise the movement and frequencies of sound through space.

Developed by Samsung’s audio lab in California, the Wireless Audio 360 range deliver a 360-degree sound experience thanks to Samsung’s ring radiator technology. The company claims this enables true omni-directional sound to fill rooms with rich, ambient audio, regardless of where the product sits.

Two models will be available: the R7 model with premium features, and the Portable R6, which has a battery life of up to six hours.

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