16-player pirate party game seeks gold from scurvy digital swabs

Mutiny! is an offline multiplayer brawler for up to 16 players being created by Hidden Armada, a small crew of indie game developers in Dundee.

The goal is to keep your ship afloat by working as a team as you defend against enemies and steal their gold, but somehow maintain your lead as richest pirate if you are to win. The easiest way to do this is to become Captain, as you receive various combat perks, but will be under constant threat of Mutiny from your own team, making it a difficult position to hold on to.

The game runs on PC, Mac and Linux, and is currently seeking Kickstarter funding for £25k by November 5th. The pre-alpha demo has been shown at Dare IndieFest, Insomnia 52, Play Expo and EGX, and will be playable at the upcoming MCM ComicCon London event. The alpha will be released in December 2014.

“Mutiny! is an ambitious project for a team of three, but we are determined to set a bar of quality with our debut release,” said Hidden Armada’s design director Will Wright. “We’re 100 percent focused on making sure the game gets the best introduction to players it can have, and trying to push the boundaries of what can be done with local multiplayer. Everything is on the line now with our Kickstarter going live, it’s very exciting!”

“We aim to bring something new not just through technology, but through adjusting the gameplay mix too,” added the developer. “ So we have a simultaneously co-op + VS game dependent on your goals, with some tower defence style enemy waves, capture the flag gameplay elements, and a healthy dose of pirates thrown in alongside.”

Also in development is Mutiny Mobile!, an optional app for the game which turns a phone into a controller for Mutiny!, enables second-screen gameplay, and allows data transfer between games, for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Mutiny Mobile's device screen provides a number of gameplay features, including personal HUD and secret information, such as where cannonballs will land, or which enemies have the most gold. This information can be shared with the crew or used for personal gain, supporting the game's core mechanics of teamwork and treachery.

The app also features character creation and minigame options while disconnected. It also allows players to earn rewards on the move or when connected to a friend's game, and then push them back into their own game.

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