12 great UX design talks you can watch online

Check out some of the best talks from the yearly Interact conference, from digital design for the NHS to how AI can preserve the most unique of human stories.

October saw specialist UX agency Nomensa celebrate its fifth anniversary of conferences with another of its annual Interact London showcases at London's British Museum. This is one of the most popular UX design events on the conference calendar, so we’re really pleased that Nomensa has posted many of the talks on YouTube, the best of which we’ve collected here alongside older presentations. Together, they make some of the best UX design talks you can watch online for free.

Under a broad theme of ‘Intelligence in Design’, this year's Interact talks covered a wide range of topics related to UX with an AI twist – from how to design UX when AI is making all the decisions to more inspirational discussions on how AI can preserve the unique voice of the terminally ill for loved ones.

First up, hear how information designer Stefanie Posavec explores making data more engaging, memorable and accessible to an audience new to data. Through channelling our inner ‘anoraks’, she argues, we can start to view data through a kinder, more human-focused lens.

'More Than Humanly Possible' is about Us AI's founder Pete Trainor and his quest to reimagine what legacy means to a man with a terminal illness by unlocking the human value in the data he generated using an AI robot called Bo.

Using this technology, Pete documented the thoughts of his friend, James, who suffered from a rare skin condition called recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. Despite struggling with accessibility, James was able to utilise Bo to help transcend his body, leave a long-lasting legacy and share his message through a different platform.

In his talk 'User Experience When AI Makes all the Decisions', head of experience at CognitionX Mischa Weiss-Lijn demonstrates at Interact London 2018 that when AI makes the little decisions, it can help humans to focus on what they are good at - and ultimately create a more prosperous bigger picture.


Starting with a charming animation created for the NHS' launch seven decades ago, head of design at NHS Digital Matt Edgar discussed merging machine intelligence with human need, all with the aim of working towards an accessible healthcare system for everyone.

Ivan Pols is creative director for what3words, a geo-mapping solution that assigns three letters to every part of the world. As you can guess, his Interact 2018 talk is all about how user experience should focus on simplicity, especially when talking about location.

'The Struggle for Existence' is a lofty title for a talk, but Hannah Temple's presentation is a fun look at digital innovation, which draws upon Darwinism to discuss the future of app technology.

Head of mobile at Nomensa, Hannah unveiled that 50% of all apps ever made have been deleted by Apple, much of which can be attributed to saturated markets and “design for designs sake.”

2017's Interact London also saw some great talks under the banner of 'Designing the Future.' One of our faves saw consumer psychologist Kate Nightingale saying that despite years of UX practice, designers often still misunderstand how people think.

Here she details examples of how psychology is used in advertising, marketing and UX to guide people towards a particular action or way of thinking.

Another great one - product design lead Phu Ly from takeaway delivery company Deliveroo discusses how multiple product teams split across multiple countries work together to produce a service that aims to be simple and easy for users, riders and restaurants.

Ruby Steel from consultancy Smart Design talks about how design and UX impacts healthcare. She focusses on their work with Mycarematters, an online service that gives users free access to healthcare professionals.

Vuokko Aro gives an insight into the design of the UX of Monzo, the famous  smartphone-only ‘challenger bank’ that has since become a household name here and abroad.

In her talk, Ann Longely asks ‘Can Design Save the World?’, drawing on her work as the director of digital transformation at the DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee).

Lastly, Sam Munton from Nomensa does a bit of future-gazing, imagining what ‘hyper-connected’ homes and cities will be like when everything around you can communicate with everything else (sounds a bit Black Mirror to me).

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