Illustrator Yuta Onoda has created a campaign for tequila brand Jose Cuervo to celebrate the Mexican festival of Cinco de Mayo.

The pieces combine Yuta’s beautiful mix of linework and texture with photography. Working from a sketch agreed with the client (see below bottom), each element was created separately so that different versions from billboard posters to online banners could easily be composed.

We caught up with Yuta, who's recently moved back to Japan from Canada, to find out more about the project.

DA: What prompted the move to Japan, and has this had any influence on your creative work?

YO: "One of the main reasons why I decided to came back to Japan temporally is that I wanted to spend some time with my family. I've been away from Japan for about seven years and I really missed them. I'm not sure if anything has influenced my creative work, but I have been pretty relaxing and enjoying the time here, so I think this becomes my essential fuel to produce more/better work."

DA: How did you come to work on this project?

YO: "I received this project through my agent, Gerald & Cullen Rapp in NY. I was told that the theme is about commemorating Cinco de Mayo, and I was asked to create an image that pays homage to tequila, the beverage that reigns victorious every year on May 5th.

DA: How did you decide on the colour palette for the piece?

YO: "To unify the image, we decided to use some warm colours on the right side and cool colour on the left side so that the colour scheme matched with each bottle."

DA: What did you want to convey with your drawing of the woman?

YO: "The client wanted to show a representation of pride, victory, joy and strength through the female figure. I tried to pay close attention to her posture, clothing and expression to represent all of their ideas together."

DA: How did you integrated your work with the photography?

YO: "I thought taking a realistic approach would work nicely with the photography, but not too realistic so that illustration and photography parts are differentiated yet unified."

DA: Where can the work be seen?

YO: "These posters have been released in US, but I'm not quite sure where you can find them. It's very unfortunate that I wouldn't get to see them in person since I'm in Japan."

DA: What's next?

YO: "I'm currently working on some magazine and book cover illustrations. Beyond that I'm very excited for the yet-to-be unveiled projects.'