You need this Bill Murray scratch n' sniff book in your life

Lost in Translation by Henry Kaye

Embrace the sights and smells of Bill's best movies with this new illustrated book.

The Internet's obsession with Bill Murray has subsided over the last couple of years – replaced by the likes of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan, and Taylor Swift – but he's still a pretty awesome guy. Thrill Murray is still one of our favourite colouring books – and now there's a Bill-themed scratch and sniff book.

Cook Your Own Food – a reference to a line in Lost in Translation – features 10 illustrations by different artists, each with their own scent. Illustrators taking part include Grace Danico, Henry Kaye, Jon Boam – drawing scenes from Moonrise Kingdom, Groundhog's Day, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, What About Bob? and of course Lost in Translation.

You can buy this Bill Murray scratch and sniff book from publisher Sugoi Books.

What about Bob? by Jon Boam
Lost in Translation by GraceDanico

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