Yotam Ottolenghi's latest cookbook is a design feast for the eyes

Less is more as Here Design bring their minimal magic to the masterchef's latest publication.

They say the first bite is with the eyes, so presentation is everything with a dish, as all good chefs know. This ethos should extend to cook books too, and the latest from masterchef Yotam Ottolenghi has been whipped up with great aplomb by London agency Here Design.

Released in September, Simple comes with unpretentious recipes from Ottam and the sort of effortlessly elegant presentation Here Design is renowned for.

"The brief was to convey the concept of simplicity and to emphasise that this was less complicated than Ottolenghi’s previous books," says creative partner at Here Design Caz Hildebrand.  "To achieve this we used an open, clean sans serif typeface with plenty of air and space around the text. We also wanted to change the pace of the book using a variety of image crops, rather than the more typical layout with a recipe facing a full bleed photograph."


"We wanted it to feel sympathetic to the subject and appropriately true to the 'Ottolenghi' look and feel," Caz continues, "and having worked with him previously on (other books), we already had a good grasp of his character and style."

The book also has great illustrations as chapter openers, pleasingly minimal graphics typical of the Here Design style like the one above.

"The illustrations and photographs were created separately but the idea for illustrations was part of the overall concept when we designed the book and we like the juxtaposition of the two different image types," Caz says on the images.


"They perform distinct functions: the illustrations as chapter openers set the scene and maintain and develop the theme of the book; and the photographs are the tempting inducements to cook the individual recipes."

The book cover is probably as 'simple' as it gets, and stands out instantly on book shelves with its minimality.

"We did have to fight hard for the cover image," Caz confesses, "but I am happy to say that we prevailed in the end and it has helped to make the book very iconic and easily recognised."

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