UK-based artist Word To Mother will have his fifth solo show with the StolenSpace gallery next month. Titled Essence Of Adolescence, it features a new set of mixed media paintings on wooden panels.

Essence Of Adolescence is described as an enlightening glimpse into the artist's visually obsessed mind. The show combines references drawn from his childhood and the visual stimulation that he absorbed; cartoons juxtaposed with more serious emotive thoughts and fears that face him as an adult living and painting in East London.

The organisers say that the show is inspired from Word To Mother's experience as both a tattoo and graffiti artist. There is a "beautiful juxtaposition, of fragile and emotive elements shown through subtle textures and washes of colour, but with a strength and confidence fused with his signature patterns, architecture & figures, this body of work is melancholic yet fun and playful. With anearthy 'London' palette of grey tones excentuating splashes of brighter 'seaside' colours of fluro red, pink, yellows and turquoise which give the paintings an optimistic feel. Word To Mother draws inspiration from an adolscence which holds precious memories, juxtaposed with an adulthood which has made him the talented artist he is today."

Here are some pics of the artist working on the pieces in his studio.

Photos by Ian Cox

Essence Of Adolescence runs from October 14-30.