Vice illustration exhibition opens in London

The show at the Pure Evil gallery from tomorrow (May 17, 2013) brings together work visually representing Vice's mix of articles from the superficial to the groundbreaking (and sometimes both).

The magazine and site have gathered together what it describes as the most visceral and ‘challenging’ work it's commissioned – as well as providing preview of what's to come. Vice is best know for its vitriolic, spittle-flecked (and often very funny) articles attacking the political and cultural mainstream – and its love/hate relationships with hipsters – but over the years it's output has grown increasingly serious to the point where you're as likely to read an exposé of Cambodian orphanages as a mockery of street fashions.

From the blurb:

'Classic work from each artist has been unearthed from the archives and gives an unchartered insight into a pre-digitised process where beautiful, messy line drawings are king. This collection of original and unseen work will sit alongside new pieces created exclusively for the show, designed to give an insight into the modern illustrator at work.

'Art has played an integral part in Vice’s visual fabric for over 10 years, accompanying stories varying from the war in the Middle East to divorce based homicide. A Vice illustrator is able to capture humour and absurdity in equal measure, honing a talent not only for the technicality of producing world-class work but also the wry social commentary that adds the fuel to its fire.

'The Vice Illustration Show exhibits some of the best loved creations that have made readers laugh, cry and burn effigies of the magazine in outrage over the years, but also opens a dialogue on how the decline of print and exponential rise of digital platforms has affected the scope for artists in this industry now and in the future.

Artists with work on show include Johnny Ryan, Kyle Platts, Malin Bergstrom (top), Sam Taylor (above) and Daniel David Freeman (below)

The Vice Illustration Show runs until June 2.

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