Vic Reeves’ Ministry Of Curious Stuff is a new CBBC comedy sketch show that will be broadcast in the new year, which includes quirky short animations created from the comic's drawings by Bristol-based studio Wonky.

Written by Vic Reeves and Steve Burge (Shooting Stars), the programme is set in The Ministry of Curious Stuff -- a fantastical depository of information, and occasional misinformation, run by Vic and his inquisitive and extraordinary team of researchers.  Each episode sees the team answering three questions posed by CBBC viewers, launching a fact-finding mission full of sketches, songs, animations and Vic’s unique flights of fancy.

“The Ministry of Curious Stuff is the place to go if you have an odd or weird question that you need an answer for, such as ‘Do flying monkey soldiers exist?’, ‘Are twins magic?’, or ‘Can you dance on the moon?’," says Vic Reeves. "Dead important questions like that. We do our best to find the answer. It’s a very curious place and there are lots of weird characters joining us along the way.”

Wonky created 36 sketches of 15-45 seconds apiece from Vic's drawings using a mix of  Illustrator, Flash and After Effects. They appear throughout the show. Here are a few stills.