Stock font and image library has released Piel Script, a typeface developed specifically for use in tattoo artistry.
The premise for Piel Script – which means ‘skin’ in Spanish and is pronounced “pee-yell” – is the increasing use of script fonts in word tattoo designs. Veer says that "Piel Script captures the zeitgeist surrounding the growing trend of people around the world exploring body art."
“I have received a lot of requests to typeset and modify tattoos using other scripts I’ve designed like Burgues Script or Adios,” says Alejandro Paul, designer of Piel Script. “At first the whole idea was amusing to me. I had worked in corporate branding for a few years before becoming a type designer, and suddenly, I was being asked to get involved in personal branding, as literally ‘personal’ and ‘branding’ as the expression can get.”