Updated: Wacom make amends for including 'rip-offs' of Gemma Correll cartoons in its Bamboo Paper iPad app

Templates from Wacom's Bamboo Paper app

Update: Wacom has apologised to Gemma and made amends. See below for details.

Gemma Correll’s quirky, witty cartoons of pugs, cats and homely life are sadly regularly ripped off – but it’s unusual to see them copied without permission in an app by a well-respected brand like Wacom, rather than on market stalls and dodgy T-shirt sites.

Gemma’s work can be found on greetings cards and homewares in high-street stores like Paperchase and Clintons. Yesterday she was surprised to see drawings (above) very similar to hers in a free add-on to Wacom’s Bamboo Paper drawing app for the iPad.

Gemma tweeted "I have used @wacom products for years, so I'm a bit sad to see them using rip-offs of my work in the Bamboo Paper App”.

Wacom responds

Wacom has let us know that the templates were created by a freelancer in Bulgaria, but isn’t putting all the blame on them.

"We should have run a proper check before using these motifs,” a Wacom spokesperson told us. "So we are to blame, too. We always take pride in our reputation as a company that truly respects artists’ rights."

Wacom has compensated Gemma with a Cintiq tablet display and she's tweeted "I'm happy to say that @wacom and I are friends again."

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