Twitch's new Creative channel lets you live-stream your artistic process (or watch others)

Artwork by Sohlol

Twitch is best known as the home of passionate gamers who live-stream their gaming sessions online. What you might not know is that Twitch also nurtures a thriving community of creative types who perform music, show off their visual artistic prowess, or invite an audience to watch them write.

Recently, Twitch decided to throw its full support behind the site’s artistic sub-culture with a brand new landing page called Twitch Creative.

To celebrate, Twitch is also live streaming every episode of The Joy of Painting, featuring proto-live streamer Bob Ross. This started at 9pm in the UK (5pm Eastern/2pm) Pacific on Thursday and continues for the next seven days. The October 29 start date marked the birthday of the painter, art instructor, and television host, who passed away in 1995.

Ross’ Joy of Painting first appeared on PBS television stations in the YS, but he likely would have felt right at home online with Twitch’s creative channel. His casual, almost hypnotic presentation style was a very early example of how a seemingly mundane activity like painting a lake, writing a poem, or building a house in Minecraft can attract a wide audience.

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