This year's Sailor Moon drawing challenge is the best yet

L: Toei Animation screenshot, R: Puffy the Puffpuff

A new Sailor Moon anime movie is coming this autumn, Sailor Moon Eternal, which is an apt name considering this week has seen illustrators worldwide show their never-ending appreciation of the seminal cartoon series.

The Sailor Moon Redraw challenge is what's encouraged artists to wave their Pretty Guardians banner and draw an image of the eponymous Sailor Moon in their own style. It's not the first time the challenge has happened on social media, but this year's iteration is already turning out to be the best ever.

Find some of our faves below, all of which were modelled on the same Usagi screengrab.

The above is by Sehee Chae, the artist known as Clean Day who we interviewed in 2018.

DenQ (@denjinq) is one of our favourite new Japanese digital artists.

It's another classic from Bloodbros.

Genie Espinosa strikes again

We'd love to interview Stephanie Priscilla one day!

The most ambitious crossover event in history? 

We finish with a tweet that speaks great truth. But we still want more Sailors in your own style, more more more..! Keep an eye on #sailormoonredraw to get your fill.

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