This truly bizarre Christmas tree is entirely made out of plasticine

This is probably the most unusual Christmas tree you’ve seen, throwing away every part of traditional Christmas as we know it. This tree replaces tinsel, lights and an angel at the top with brightly-coloured Alice in Wonderland characters and Christmas objects.

High-profile set designer, illustrator and artist Gary Card created the eight-foot Christmas tree for London’s five-star Sanderson Hotel entirely out of plasticine (umm, but why?) – and it’s just been placed in the reception area this week.

Using 400 bars of different coloured plasticine, the tree is far from light and nimble – coming in at a whopping 2000 pounds, so about a tonne. It has a steel structure underneath to support it.

Gary and two other artists spent 36 hours moulding each individual element, including iconic characters from Alice in Wonderland like the Cheshire cat, the rabbit and Alice herself – which look rather creepy up close – as well as brightly coloured foods and Christmas symbols, like santa and snowmen. It was then another 10 hours to construct the tree in the hotel reception near Oxford Circus. The hotel offers a ‘Mad Hatters’ afternoon tea and evening tea, which might be why Alice in Wonderland features on the tree.

Gary’s regular clients include Stella McCartney, Nike, Adidas and Topshop to name a few. His work has also featured in The New York Times and British Vogue. He also created his own psychedelic magazine this year, titled Happy Breakfast.

Take a look at some of the detail.

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