This card game highlighting female design pioneers both educates and entertains

Women pioneers become visible with a card set that would be an ideal gift shop sell - and an essential study tool.

We love to highlight promising grad work at DA, and this novel card game from a group of French design students is no exception.

Women in Visual Communication is a card game that came about one day when a dozen graphic design students in Nantes, France realised they couldn't name any women in their field. As a response, the game was created from a 5 day workshop, highlighting 42 art directors, typographers, video makers, advertisers, developers and more, all in a lovingly made, Happy Family-style creation.

Some of the women honoured in the fantastically illustrated cards include the creators behind the Nike logo (Carolyn Davidson) and early Apple typefaces (Susan Kare). The set also comes with a mini-book showcasing biographies and work of the creators featured.

"We realized also that our design history classes were almost only focused on men's work. Are there so few women in not good enough to be known? Or is it just a matter of visibility?" the group ask on their Behance page.

"We launched a workshop to see if we could list 40 women who did remarkable things in the field of visual communication. And in a single morning, we found more than 100, from the year 1300 to 2018."

Check more pics from the set on Behance now. While the game is a personal project, we'd love to see a version of this hit the shops as a much-needed education resource to bring to light some forgotten female pioneers.

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