This absurd website magically completes your doodles using AI

Magic Sketchpad helps you turn circles into cats and lines into trucks.

2018's been a good year for AI - Adobe CC 2019 was propelled by the Sensei neural network (impressive) and Julian Glander's bringing out an AI-powered 'art school' game next year (fun).

Put Magic Sketchpad in the latter category, a creation from Monica Dinculescu that lets a neural network finish your doodles with just one input from your human self.

A range of drop down selections lets the AI know what you want it to draw, for example cats and trucks, and, err, crabrabbitfacepigs and 'antyoga.' Someone's definitely been having fun training this thing.

We made a pigsheep.

The software stems from Magenta’s SketchRNN model, which Monica has adapted and placed in a nice bright pink interface that'll remind you of the pre-AI days of Microsoft Paint.

Penguin, strawberry and, err, whale.

It's not a perfect science; the network doesn't seem like to drawing big, so expect small leaves on your palm tree trunk, and it's also a bit confusing if it prefers you to sketch out a body first as opposed to faces for its animals, but it's a nice way to get to grips with this artistic artificial intelligence everyone is talking about.

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