The makers of the new Hilda game on adapting Hilda for play while respecting the character's print roots

Game creators Bigumaku on making sure Hilda Creatures paid tribute to the beloved kids character's animation and print roots.

Dweller of Scandi-fantasia landscape Hilda started off in comics by Luke Pearson, made her way into animation on Netflix and is now the star of a new mobile game courtesy of London's Bigumaku.

Hilda Creatures takes our young blue-haired heroine into a critter-collecting escapade in a game that came out of close-collaboration with Hilda's TV and print proprietors.

"As a company, we are in the unique position of being sister company (and neighbours) to the publishers of the original Hilda comics, Nobrow/Flying Eye," Bigumaku's creative director and co-founder James Wilson tells DA.

"As such, we were introduced to Silvergate Media, the producers of the animated show, very early on. From the very first meeting we had about the game, it was agreed that ‘nurturing’ should be the focus as this is a central Hilda theme.

"We have a brilliant ongoing creative partnership with Silvergate, with whom we communicated throughout the process from pitch to launch, but in reality we had a lot of freedom in the direction of the game."

James describes the game as a '360 project', overlapping with more than one form of media.

"Hilda Creatures is ‘360’ in that its narrative is accessible in more than two ways - whether you’re a book-lover, a cartoon-binger, a gamer, or an art-lover, there is content for you."

"The first Hilda comic is coming up to ten years old," he continues, "but now new audiences are discovering her world from every angle, which is great to see. All of the teams worked really hard to make sure that consistency of the characters, artwork and lore was strong."

"We think this encourages a great emotional connection and fans can always expect something worthwhile and magical when they see Hilda. We’ve seen users responding with their own stories, fan-art and even memes. This is very exciting for us as a young company, and we hope it’s inspiring to other independent brands who want to branch out across different media."

The Bigumaku team ensured the game stayed true to the original source material by expanding on the mysterious and quirky creatures originally conceived by Luke Pearson, and capturing the fairytale-meets-80s soundtrack of the TV show (sadly, though, without the theme song by avant-pop genius Grimes).

"We also captured the limited but effective colour palette, and cosy, Scandi-style visuals," James adds. "We are steeped in Hilda heritage and lucky enough to be surrounded by huge Hilda fans and creators so are very invested in getting everything spot-on. It is a project that is very close to our hearts."

Download Hilda Creatures for free on the Apple store here.

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