The hazy side to summer is captured in a beautifully serene series from illustrator Cami

A new series of illustrations reminds us that summer is more than just stickiness and heatwaves.

Though the current heatwave is supposedly on its way out, we can take comfort in the knowledge that some projects will forever keep that feeling of summer joy, whilst also recognising that the season is more than just a sweltering hothouse of stickiness.

Such a feeling has been captured by Lisbon-based artist Cami, short for Camellie, in her new personal project Summer, an eight piece work that shows contented folk sharing the subtle, hazy feelings that summer brings.

"I try to capture a more tranquil atmosphere in my illustrations with the use of the pastel colours from the surrounding buildings of lovely Lisbon," Cami explains to Digital Arts. "In the summer everything slows down in the heat of the sun and the sandy tones of colour give that soft feel."

The pieces were inspired by what she calls "tiny moments" of leisure such as going to the beach, cycling and - most importantly - eating watermelon. "Summer is when we spend more time outdoors, and for me it’s the best time to go exploring and be more active," she says.

But nothing is as inspiring as her newfound home of Portugal itself.

"It's the landscapes, with its beautiful coastline," she rhapsodises. "The city of Lisbon is inspiring, too, with pastel coloured buildings and the intricate mosaic tiles on the walls."

Originally from Romania, and previously based in London, Cami is now happy to remain in Lisbon - and who can blame her? But there is another reason for her staying put in one location.

"I don't work remotely while travelling as much as I used to do a few years ago," she explains. "I've come to realise that it helps to have my own working space and desk, as that inspires me and helps me focus more."

Cami's previous work includes some wonderful animated work for Fond that shows to good effect her charming way with understated colour and character work.  

We also like her recent work for Unicef's Girl Empowerment campaign, as shown below.

Her next commissions will include work for a few start-ups. "As for my personal projects, maybe a winter one to keep it seasonal," Cami adds with a smile.

Until then, be sure to keep an eye on her Behance page, DribbleInstagram and official page

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