These incredible paintings were created by Thai illustrator Ratinan Thaijareorn – aka ISE – for her local leg of the Tiger Translate worldwide series of exhibitions and gigs. Hosted in an abandoned theme park, Thaijareorn’s art was used as large scale artworks in the chillout zone – and she also produced a t-shirt too.

“The theme I was given was ‘the Forest’,” she says. “I decided to base it around Adam and Eve – using elements drawn from the Old Testament such as the seven days of Creation and the Serpent tempting Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.”

The pieces were drawn and painted in Photoshop. Working from an original sketch, Thaijareorn found image sources and create a rough collage to find the right arrangement of the elements. When this was set she painted and drew over the top of them.

Thaijareorn is a freelance illustrator producing artworks, patters and some graphic work. Her clients have included Adidas, for whom she created paintings for chairs that can be seen at the Adidas Original Shop in her home town of Bangkok.
Asked what inspires her, Thaijareorn says that she likes to "collect pictures of beautiful women: especially images where symbolism conveys something of significance."

For her, symbolic meaning is "mysterious, deep and succulent -- sometimes you can take it from song that you heard, a meaning in a lyric, some words in the speech of people around you, a pleasure that you received or a animosity that somebody gives to you."