Tado discusses creating Comic Relief 2013 Red Nose designs

We interview Mike and Katie about designing the character's on the noses for the charity's 25th Red Nose Day.

Comic Relief is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Red Nose Day of daft fundraising for good causes in the UK and worldwide. This year's noses were designed by top character design duo Tado, who are best known for their vinyl toys for adults and characters for likes of Gola.

Surprisingly, the project began two years ago when Comic Relief contacted Tado's agent Debut Art and asked the duo to come with ideas for the 2013 Nose.

For the initial pitch stage, Tado were asked to work up ideas based on two concepts. Each nose would be a 'Nose with Toes' that could be a stand alone toy-like figure as well as a wearable item. These nose would feature a series of characters called DiNoseSaurs.

"[We created] loads and loads of quick pencil sketches that were submitted for the pitch," says says Tado (who always speak as one in interviews). "We had pages and pages of dinosaurs, monsters, various animals and beasts. Looking across all our sketches it's quite funny to see the same characters but in different forms and variations – we must have been in the mood to draw some big mouthed grinning beasts and dorky glasses that day as they seemed to appear on all manner of different beasts.

"Our initial characters and ideas were sent off and after much nail-biting and waiting we got the happy news that they really liked our scamps and wanted to move forward with some of our designs. They wanted to combine the sketches we'd done for the different series together to form the basis for the DiNoseSaurs concept."

Tado worked up the sketches, refining the designs based on Comic Relief's feedback. These were then passed to the team at Comic Relief, who took the flat artwork and worked them up into 3D characters ready for mass production.

The designs are available as noses, noisy toys (called DinoRoars), deely boppers, car air fresheners and stickers from Sainsburys, Oxfam, TK Maxx and the Comic Relief website.

There's a whole load of silly fundraising events across the UK today, culminating in the usual extended telethon that includes a Britain's Got Talent-themed wedding and lots of celebrities embarrassing themselves in exchange for donations.

Supporters of the campaign include (below, top to bottom) Stephen Fry, Russell Brand, Mary Berry, Jessie J, One Direction and Union J (us neither).

Donate to Red Nose Day here

Tado have been working on a number of projects that make a different to those in need recently, including designing characters for the new hydrotherapy pool at Sheffield's Children Hospital (which we've separately interviewed Mike and Katie about for a piece about designing for hospitals that we'll be posting soon).

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