Stik's 7-storey mural celebrates generations of migrants

British street artist Stik has painted a giant version of one of his iconic stick figures onto the side of a New York building for a museum celebrating the city's 'Avenue of Immigrants'. 

The Avenue of Immigrants is the name given to Allen Street in New York's Lower East Side – a reference to the diversity of its population created from generations of immigrants. Taking its first tentative steps onto that street appears to be a seven-storey stick figure, a mural painted by graffiti artist Stik for local museum The Tenement Museum, which is the next building along up the intersecting Orchard Street.

While simplistic in form – like most of Stik's figures – it's nervousness is obvious, representing the initial feelings of newly arrived immigrants – and perhaps how even those descended from earlier immigrants feel about Trump's America outside of the places they feel safe (whether New York as a whole or just the Lower East Side). You can watch a video of Stik painting the mural, called Migrant, below.

The Tenement Museum tells the stories of over 7,000 immigrants who have lived at 97 Orchard Street in the decades before the museum was founded, since the tenement building was built in 1863.

Also around the corner from the museum is Fat Free Art, a gallery that's been showing the roughs, paintings and working drawings Stik created before attempting the final artwork. This has raised over US$12,500 for the museum’s Shared Journeys programme, which teaches English to immigrants who speak other languages. 

A working drawing for Migrant.

Migrant is the third permanent mural created by Stik in New York, following Liberty in Tompkins Square and Union in Union Square.

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