Liverpool-based Stephen Chan is one of 20 artists who’ve been selected for Tiger Beer’s latest project under the Tiger Translate banner, which showcases creative output from up and coming Asian artists. The artists were tasked to create artworks under the theme of ‘Metropolis’ using only Tiger’s brand colours: (blue, amber, silver, black, and white).

“The brief was to capture what 'Metropolis' meant to me,” says Chan, “and to start off a cityscape that continues through for the next artist to merge with mine.”

Chan says that as an Asian artist influenced by both cultures as he grew up, he had a good idea of what he wanted to achieve visually – and the concept allowed him to make them most of a popular style of his.

“I guess cityscapes are my specialty,” he says. “The first thing that popped in to my head was the movie of the same name, depicting a futurist society with skyscrapers and a dark atmosphere.

(details from within the piece)

“I researched the theme, looking in to the definition and then existing contemporary 'Metropolis' locations. I developed all these ideas, writing down and sketching everything that I felt would portray this theme best. I mixed in some old and some new structures combining different styles, cultures to create the finished cityscape.”

The ‘Metropolis’ works will be shown at Tiger Translate events around the world.