Step-by-step guide: Illustrator CS5

Illustrator CS5 includes some great new drawing tools, including a set of perspective guides and natural media effects. Here we take you through how to use them.

Perspective drawing

Illustrator CS5 supports one-, two- and three-point perspective drawing. You can draw straight onto the canvas using the normal drawing tools, or if you prefer you can create your artwork flat and drag copies of it into the perspective grid, and Illustrator will automatically add perspective for you.

Step 1
In a new Illustrator document, choose the new Perspective Grid tool from the toolbox. This allows you to define a perspective grid in one, two and three points. If a grid hasn’t appeared on the artboard, click with the Perspective Grid Tool. Choose View > Perspective Grid > Define Grid to enter grid values.

Step 2
Select the Perspective Selection tool, then click on the face of the cube that represents the perspective plane you want to draw onto. Then use the normal drawing tools to draw directly onto the perspective grid. Illustrator automatically calculates and applies the correct perspective.

Step 3
You can also copy and paste existing flat artwork into your perspective grid, applying the same automatic perspective. This means you can create all your assets as flat pieces before arranging them in mock-3D perspective – saving a lot of time and allowing far greater flexibility later on.

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