See this gigantic fragile beach artwork by Wim Tellier before it is conceptually destroyed

For two weeks, in front of the casino on the beach at Knokke-Heist, Belgium, Wim Tellier’s 3,000 m² circular image Time depicts a vulnerable crab magnified at least 1,000 times its original size.


The photo file exceeds 400GB. To handle this gigantic resolution, Canon printed the image in 56 pieces, which were later seamlessly welded to each other. The resulting photo weighs 1,800kg.

The background consists of fisheye photos of unique landscapes taken around the world by Tellier.


“These images are designed to give spectators an open view of the world,” said the artist. “The general public can walk over the photo to admire the fisheye photos. Without knowing it, they will contribute to the partial destruction of the artwork through the sand on their shoes. It is difficult to conceive of a more striking illustration of man’s ecological footprint. After the exhibition, the conceptually damaged image will be cut into 12 wedges.”


Tellier will personally integrate the wedges at 12 prime locations around the world.  “Each location will tell its own, unique story to demonstrate man’s impact on the planet,” he said.

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