See rejected work by Rob Ryan, Sagmeister, Marion Deuchars and more

Students put on exhibition celebrating work unwanted by clients or abandoned by its creators.

Two students from Kingston University have brought together rejected work from leading designers and illustrators including Andrew Rae, Dave Trott, Fuel, Ken Garland, Marion Deuchars, Rob Ryan and Sagmeister Inc. The works in Thanks But No Thanks have been auctioned for Battersea Dogs Home, raising £700 with the top work by Rob Ryan (below) – rejected by tween magazine Girl Talk – going for £75.

 Alex Brown and Ben West collected the works by written letters to 200 graphic designers. They got the idea for the exhibition after unsuccessfully entering the poster below into a competition

“I was really pleased with the poster design we’d put together so had already decided that we would have it printed anyway,” says Ben. “It prompted us to think about the creative industry as a whole and how many artists and designers must have had similar experiences to us with their work perhaps being turned down or discarded when the designs weren’t quite right for the intended brief.”


We're showcasing our favourites from the exhibition below.

Andrew Rae

Altas Studio

Bart de Baets

BOB Design. Rejected by Space NK.


Dave Trott

Experimental Jetset

Frederic Tacer


Hansje van Halem

Ian Wright

Jack Teagle

Ken Garland

Marion Deuchars

Martin Nicolausson

Oliver Long

Sagmeister Inc

Scott King

Stephen Kenny

Suzanne Dean

Wally Olins. Rejected posters for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Wilfred Wood

Wout de Vringer

Alex bought the piece by designer Marion Deuchars himself.

“I think one of the reasons I like it so much is because it’s hand drawn,” he said. “We were keen to receive items that showed the process and not just the finished, polished pieces.”

Thanks But No Thanks has been shown at the Beach Gallery in London and at Kingston University’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture undergraduate degree show.

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