See the animator of The Little Mermaid's Ariel drawing characters in VR

Glen Keane has animated some of our favourite Disney characters, including Ariel from The Little Mermaid and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. In the video above he recreates some of these characters using a VR headset and electronic 'brushes – creating art in 3D space.

Glen is using HTC's Vive VR system. Created with game developer Valve, Vive features a headset – just like other systems like Oculus Rift or its mobile cousing Samsung's Gear VR – plus two wands that are tracked by external sensors that let you manipulate things in 3D space. It's these that Glen uses like a paintbrush to draw, paint and sculpt.

The art's created in Tiltbrush, a VR-driven painting application that's been acquired by Google – so we're unlikely to see it paired with the Vive for much longer. Tiltbrush is still a prototype, and only a Gallery app is available for download (for use with Google Cardboard, which currently has no controller to get painting with).

You can see Tiltbrush in action in the promo video below.

In the video, which was commissioned to promote a US conference called The Future of Storytelling that Glen is speaking at, he also discusses how he first started drawing, taught by his father, cartoonist Bil Keane.

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