Say farewell to a summer of sports with these athlete-inspired illustrations from Charlie Davis

Wimbledon, the World Cup and more are immortalised in an eye-catching series of illustrations.

The summer sun seems to have gone, bringing with it the sporting highlights that were Wimbledon, the World Cup 2018, Tour de France and more. No more of a fitting tribute to those halcyon days has come though than in Charlie Davis' recent collection of sports illustrations, as featuring portraits of the likes of Harry Kane, along with his fabulously sinewy and evocatively coloured style that effortlessly shows the grace of true athletic prowess.

"These were all personal works that were created to try and capture each different sport's movements and gestures," Charlie tells us. "With the rugby players for example I was trying to explore movement and a sense of stylised impact from the tackle."

"Harry Kane was the only illustration based on a particular sportsman, and I chose him since we were in the midst of national excitement during this year's World Cup."

"All of these works referenced photography to try and understand the poses, then they were exaggerated and stylised through sketching," Charlie continues telling us.

"I sketched them all out on the iPad pro and then finalised in Photoshop. I find the iPad great for roughs, but when it comes to adding textures and colour adjustments, I still find Photoshop more comfortable."

As for Charlie's favourite sporting moment this summer, there can only be one winner.

"England’s penalty shootout victory against Columbia without a doubt," he enthuses. "I had never seen strangers hug each other on the tube before, it was quite amazing."

Find more of Charlie's work on Behance and Instagram.

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