Rod Hunt illustrates third Where's Stig book for Top Gear

Illustrator Rod Hunt has created brand new puzzles for the third instalment in his Where's Stig? series for BBC's Top Gear.

The new book – Where's Stig? Motorsport Madness - sends Stig off on another adventure, which means lots of new illustrations to investigate in search of the the car-loving character.

Inspired by the popular Where's Wally? books, Where's Stig? Motorsport Madness features 40 pages of quirky illustrations that span racecourses across the globe. If you look closely enough, you might also spot Top Gear's hosts within the artwork.

In an interview with Digital Arts, Rod told us that he begins each complex illustration by sketching out the compositions in an A5 sketchbook. He then creates a detailed A3 pencil rough, which he finally imports into Adobe Illustrator to complete the piece using a Wacom Cintiq.


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