Red Digital Cinema has officially released its third digital video camera, the Scarlet-X -- which is aimed at both professional photographers as well as filmmakers.

Red says that the Scarlet-X "leaves one-dimensional digital SLRs in its wake".  With burst modes up to 12fps at full 5K resolution alongside 4K video capture from 1-30fps, the camera allows professional photographers and cinematographers to simultaneously capture footage and still content. The company claims that Scarlet-X's compact design, endless modularity and advanced feature set provide a future-proof solution catering to every shooter's needs.

Priced at under $10,000 (£6,250), Scarlet-X comes standard with a Canon EF mount, which can be easily swapped for a PL mount using Scarlet-X's interchangeable lens mount system. Panavision, Anamorphic, and Nikon lenses are also compatible with the camera, providing ultimate freedom when it comes to creative decision-making.

The addition of HDRx reaches up to 18 stops of dynamic range, bringing digital images closer than ever to the natural perception of the human eye.  With the ability to capture 5K REDCODE RAW stills and 4K motion footage, Scarlet-X produces visually lossless files. 

"The future is dependent on those who push... not those who react," said Jim Jannard, founder of Red Digital Cinema. RED is now taking orders on for Scarlet-X.