Raw Meat's 'Don't Wanna Grow Up' live art event in Camden features Dead Sea Mob

On Saturday March 3 at The Unicorn in Camden, The Dead Sea Mob and others will be creating live art as part of a celebration of 80s childhood memories set up by artist Doyle.

Breaking out their pens and paints will be some (or perhaps all) members of the Mobb, which includes Godmachine, Drew Millward, Dan Mumford, Tom J Newell, Twisted Loaf – and guest artists, Mr Gauky and Doyle himself. Screenprinters Parliament of Feathers will br live screen printing, and letting punters print their own posters. There will also be a live Nintendo tournament where you can win an NES, as well as games of 'Mallet's Mallet' offering bags of 80s paraphenalia to winners.

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