Rapanui releases weather graphic T-shirts from the Met Office

Eco-fashion company Rapanui has released a series of weather-related T-shirts based around the Met Office's iconic graphics. Being British and ready for a summer release, the main icon is, of course, the thunderstorm.

The collection is made from organic cotton in an ethical, wind powered factory and features a range of weather related designs inspired by the imagery, science and history of the Met Office, says Rapanui.

“The Met Office is the international authority on climate change research, as well as being our national weather service that provides weather forecasts that we can trust and rely on," says Mart Drake-Knight, co-founder of Rapanui. "At Rapanui we think that it’s not that people don’t care about climate and the environment, it’s just that they don’t know where to start when it comes to organic, ethical or low carbon alternatives. Our brand is about making eco fashion cool and accessible. We were delighted when we were invited to design these Met Office T-shirts.  I think as well as being a nod to the Met Office’s heritage and expertise, we managed to add a bit of ‘Britishness’ and humour to capture the spirit of ‘the weather’ as a subject.”

Luke Green from the Met Office says that "weather fascinates everybody and these T-shirts provide a fun way of reaching new audiences about the work the Met Office does."

The T-shirts cost £24.95 each and are available from the Rapanui website at www.rapanuiclothing.com/metoffice. The company recommends wearing them as below, though being Britain, sunshine and warmth in summer isn't guaranteed.

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