Quentin Blake has drawn a new BFG illustration

The illlustrator has drawn a new version of his Big Friendly Giant (BFG) for St Pancras Station in London.

The image of the BFG that lives in our heads is as much the creation of illustrator Quentin Blake as the book-of-the-same-name's author Roald Dahl.

Quentin illustrated the first edition of the 1982 book, bringing to life the character's warmth (and huge ears) – and for many of us, that's how the BFG looks. And it's a testament to this that this summer's film version by Steven Spielberg has a CG BFG that's at last half based on those drawings – the other half coming from the face of the character's voice actor Mark Rylance.

Running to coinicide with the film, London's House of Illustration – the museum and arts space founded by Quentin – is running an exhibition called The BFG In Pictures. As part of this, he's created a new drawing of the BFG (above). This will be on show at nearby St Pancras Station (and near-opposite us at Digital Arts) from August to September 2016.

St Pancras is also hosting a series of events to coincide with the exhibition – including children's illustration workshops and talks – but most of these are already sold out.

Quentin drawing at St Pancras Station last week.

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