Proud father gets top illustrators to draw kids book 'about nothing'

Kyle Platts and more bring Toufic Beyhum's one-of-a-kind book to life.

We all know the show 'about nothing', Seinfeld, but how about The Book About Nothing?

We do love our picture books at Digital Arts, with a lot coming out lately with art drawn by some top talent, and this 'nothingy' read is no exception: Kyle Platts (below), Tishk Barzanji and Jungho Lee are amongst those who banded together to illustrate a book written by two kids under the age of ten, Laith and Bilal.

Their father is the photographer Toufic Beyhum, who received the book as a gift from his boys; struck by the book's hilarious and simple wisdom, he asked various artists to illustrate a page each for the book.

Tishk Barzanji

Two years later, and the book is out as a one-of-a-kind artefact currently on display in Namibian art shop Die Muschel Book & Art. The boys' original handwriting was kept for the release, as in which are scrawled wide-eyed musings like 'the sun is just fire' and 'trees are just stilts.'

Other artists who illustrated The Book About Nothing include Tyrone Le Roux-Atterbury, Ben Giles, Chrigel Farner, Joey Rex, Linn Fritz, Petrus Amuthenu and Nanna Prieler.

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