The Plugin Site has released NoiseControl, a Photoshop plug-in that removes image noise while preserving essential details and the photographic quality of the image. It offers sharpening, saturation and grain features for enhancing the image after denoising. Users can also apply denoising with extreme settings to create painting-like effects.

NoiseControl removes image noise and other artifacts while keeping image edges and details intact and at the same time applies sophisticated sharpening without amplifying noise, says ThePluginSite. The company claims that it distinguishes details from noise by performing thousands of calculations per pixel, and thus it's able to achieve a superior detail/noise ratio by keeping indispensable details while filtering noise. For best results it internally operates with 16-bit and 32-bit precision, even when processing 8-bit images.

NoiseControl offers two methods for automatically choosing effective denoising parameters: The Auto Sample feature finds and evaluates a noise sample, a uniform image area without any details, whereas the Auto Preset feature chooses an existing preset according to the embedded EXIF data, mainly the camera model and ISO value, of the photo.

There are also wayss to manually fine-tune the denoising settings. You can manually select a noise sample in the preview by drawing a sample area, visually compare split views with different settings and select one of them or you can manually adjust the denoising controls. The ability to view luminance and color channels separately is an additional aid for manual fine-tuning.

In order to selectively adjusting the denoising for various image areas, NoiseControl allows you to alter the denoising parameters in shadows, midtones, highlights and nine color areas of the image. These selective adjustments can be performed with the help of sliders or by clicking on the appropriate image area with the eyedropper tool and dragging left or right.

NpoiseControl costs $50 (around £31) and is currently available as a plug-in for the Windows version of Photoshop -- plus compatible applications such as Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro and Photo-Paint. Mac and standalone versions are in the works, says ThePluginSite.