Author, photographer, scripter and Digital Arts contributor Ben Long has updated his popular set of Automator Actions for Photoshop.

Revised for Adobe CS5, the update to Version 5 adds new Diptych and Triptych actions, which automate the process of creating two-up, and three-up layouts. These offer full control over margins and spacing, diptych and triptych creation.

Adobe CS5
A new Contact Sheet action replicates most of the functionality of the Contact Sheet script that is available as an optional install from Adobe. "Of course, the advantage of having such power within Automator is that you can now automate the production of your contact sheets. Contact Sheet produces a PSD - either flat or layered -  and gives you the option of displaying up to two lines of metadata beneath each thumbnail," Ben notes.

Automator Actions for Photoshop comes in two versions - a free bundle includes 41 actions for day-to-day automation needs, while a $20 (around £12) Pro bundle includes 95 actions. The two packages are available for Photoshop CS4 and CS5. More details can be found here.

[Via John Nack on Adobe]