Pharrell's favourite new illustrator Daniel Egneus on making dreamlike fashion art

Pharrell Williams, Rod Stewart and more are lining up to showcase this artist's enigmatic style.

Contemporary fashion art is an often overlooked field of illustration, swept over in favour of the catwalk shoots they provide basis for and vintage designs from the heyday of artists like René Gruau. 

Turning that on its head is Swedish Greece-based artist Daniel Egneus, whose watercolour style makes kaleidoscope-like ornaments of the human form. While his portfolio takes in book illustrations, album sleeves and more, its his model-based works that have recently caught the eye of none other than Pharrell Williams, who's bought a series of Daniel's paintings to decorate his new restaurant venture Swan Miami. Why that is though, Daniel isn't entirely certain.

"I'm not quite sure why they selected those particular pieces," he tells us over email. "I feel they have a level of intimacy that perhaps echos the ambience the Pharrell team were looking to emulate in their restaurant."

They pieces bought were all created as one set, and, interestingly, weren't actually made with a model as their basis.

"They are just invented; almost everything I draw is invented," we learn. "Most of the time they are born out of happy coincidences.  It's the mood and what it evokes that I like."

"I guess you can call it fashion-art," he continues. "I imagined that they were stage costumes rather than street wear.  I like to think that these women with their strange garments are taking part in a dreamlike play which captures a certain spirit or mood."

Daniel's entropic style has also caught the eye of another famed musician, making its way onto Rod Stewart's new album in the form of a portrait of the rocker (below). What is it about Daniel's work that connects with musicians?

"It's definitely been fun knowing my work is appreciated by two huge artists with very different styles and fan bases," Daniel laughs. "Rod Stewart and his team were looking for a fresh take on a traditional head shot-led album cover and they were great to work with. I am very thankful to Good Illustration for making that happen."

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