Nous Vous See Being Illustrator in Residence at HOI as Time to Refocus

Illustration collective Nous Vous are excited to be given the opportunity to spend the next six months together at the House of Illustration in London as the chosen Illustrator in Residence for 2016.

Nous Vous artists Jay Cover, William Edmonds and Nicolas Burrows will begin residency on September 1, exploring the theme of 'working together' – and it couldn’t have come at a better time for the Hackney-based trio.

The group found themselves working more and more independently of each other despite sharing a studio and an income, and are looking forward to having room to breathe and develop their studio practise again.

Nous Vous

"We don’t want to lose that aspect of our practice, and so we thought that the residency would allow us the time and space to look into that a bit more with a focused schedule," says Nicolas.

The group will be working on drawings, collages, paintings, prints, as well as actively engaging with House of Illustration’s visitors, running workshops and encouraging the public to contribute ideas.

Nous Vous are expecting the experience to be challenging. They're hoping to create interesting dynamics different to the solo artists before them – Rachel Lillie and most recently David Lemm.

"As a solo practitioner things can be more focused but also slower and more predicatible. Collaboration throws up unexpected possibilities, and that’s what we’re interested in," says Nicolas.

House of Illustration is the UK’s only public gallery and education space dedicated solely to illustration, and Nous Vous feel privileged to be a part of it.

"We want to understand the collaborative possibilities within illustration, storytelling and image-making. We’re looking for a way forward and a template for the (and our) future."

The outcome of their residency will be exhibitied at House of Illustration in March next year.

Nous Vous have worked together for clients such as Nike, Facebook and the New York Times over the last 10 years, as well as working for festivals and the Tate.

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