Is Nikon cooking up a DSLR surprise for the Consumer Electronics Show, which starts Tuesday, to sit alongside the recently announced Nikon D4 full-frame digital SLR? That's what some Nikon watchers are wondering after the company's German site briefly put up a banner image of Nikon's professional DSLR lineup including the D4 and a never-before-seen camera.

The purported leak has led some critics to guess that Nikon may soon announce the highly anticipated (and still unofficial) D800, the successor to the D700 DSLR released in 2008, according to The Verge and first reported by NikonRumors. The image has since been taken down from

D800 Expected Specs

The D800 will reportedly feature a 36 megapixel sensor, dual memory card slots, USB 3.0, an LCD screen larger than three inches, 1080p high-definition video capture, according to an earlier NikonRumors report. The D800 would also be lighter than the 2.18-pound D700.

If the reported specs are accurate, the D800 would be significant step up from the D700, which features a 12.1 megapixel sensor, CompactFlash card slot, 3-inch TFT-LCD display, GPS, and USB port. The D700 does not have a video function, although some creative workarounds have been developed.