New Tiger Translate artworks illustrate 'Asia's 20 most dynamic cities'

Tiger Beer's latest travelling exhibition under its Tiger Translate banner will be arriving in Dubai next month after appearances in Mongolia and New Zealand. Tiger has commissioned 20 up-and-coming Asian artists to produce artworks on a theme of 'Streets', which it describes as "a celebration of the energy that infuses the streets of Asian cities."

Our favourite of the works is the exuberant depiction of the streets of Manila by Philippines-based Otto Björnik (above). You can see how it was created in the video below.

"As always the Manila cityscape comes alive with its charming vibrancy and delightful chaos," says Otto. "Never can you find streets overcrowded with an eclectic mix of culture and revelry like Manila."

Previously, Tiger Translate has seen collaborations between Asian artists and the likes of Rostarr, Faile, Jeremyville, Surface To Air and Jon Burgerman. You can view 10 of the other artworks from this year's exhibition below.

Sydney by Babekhul
by Blake Dunlop
Bangkok by Jackkrit Anantakul
“Street culture is often disassociated and unrecognized in a business hub like Singapore," says artist Medness. "Yet everyday a small community of street culture enthusiasts stretch the limits of their activities to the extremes.”
Ho Chi Minh City by Mr Sith
“...It’s the summer which is unbearable on the busy streets of Bangalore," says artist Nithin Kumblekar. "During that time, you can find young coconut sellers on bicycles around the city.”
"I tried to describe the streets of Hongik Univ in Seoul," says artist Sakiroo Choi. "The streets of Hongik Univ are a place where music, art and dance play and overflow with lots of energy."
Taipei by Sean Wei
“Shanghai Tiger Stove was a shop specializing in the supply of hot water in Shanghai in the 1980s," says artist Veiray Zhang. "The tiger stove is a classic representative of the streets.”
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