New stamps honour classic British computer games

Tomb Raider and Designers Republic-branded gem Wipeout come included in the set.

While the world of video games is mostly defined by Japan and the US, there have been some notable attempts by the little old UK in breaking into the gamer market.

In honour of such attempts, today sees announced a new set of 12 stamps from the Royal Mail celebrating classic British games of the 80s and 90s, stretching from the world renowned Tomb Raider to obscure yet beloved cult hits like Dizzy.

1995's Wipeout (above) is included in the set, a racing game best known in creative circles for its branding and packaging as designed by the one and only Designers Republic, and whose official soundtrack CD featured Warp luminaries like Aphex Twin and LFO.

Cherished and quirky releases like Micro Machines and Sensible Soccer were also chosen in consultation with industry body UKIE, veteran journalist Jaz Rignall and Bitmap Books author Sam Dyer, who you may know from our feature on video game box design last year.

The set comes priced £14.25 on the Royal Mail website, and can be ordered at British post offices from 21st January 2020. The collection also comes with an info pack with details on all the games.

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