is a new site that aimes to educate creatives and other users of stock images about copyright issues. Set up by Getty Images, it has support from the likes of iStock, PunchStock and Shutterstock.

To highlight what is says is a lack of understanding of the issues by the creative industries, the site conducted a survey.  The findings appear to show that those working in the UK creative industries have developed a ‘hope for the best’ attitude.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of those surveyed said that they do nothing consciously to ensure that the necessary permissions have been obtained from the copyright and trademark owners or models; they just license the image and assume 'it’s all ok' (it's worth noting here that many stock libraries offer copyright indemnity for their images).

37% apparently admit to regularly exposing themselves to potential risk by using images copied directly from image search engines, and 19% said they source imagery for commercial use directly from photo-sharing websites.
The survey questioned more than 400 UK creative professionals about their understanding of image use. Of the respondents, only 31% said they were aware that you could still face a legal claim relating to an image you have used, even if you have paid for it, and only 17% said that they pay for full legal protection when they license an image.

Even among respondents who understood that certain image licenses include legal protection, 34% said they have considered themselves at risk by sourcing an image which doesn’t include it. Over half of those surveyed (52%) admit they do not fully understand legal protection.