New Pictoplasma book charts fashion industry's quirky takes on character art

Character-design obsessives Pictoplasma have released a new book charting the way the more eccentric end of couture fashion has used the tropes of figurative art to its own ends. Not a Toy collects examples of clothing and accessories extending the human body to create exaggerated characteristics of the kind we expect in cartoons, vinyl toys and other such pieces.

The book’s contents range from Shin Murayama’s urban masks made from bike parts and shoes and Bronwen Marshall’s tortured striped mannequins, to Pyuupiri’s knitted creatures on the cover (above).

In addition, Pictoplasma is following its April show in Berlin with a New York-based conference and festival on November 4-5, featuring Geneviève Gauckler, Jeremyville, Allyson Mellberg Taylor, BeatBots and Jon Burgerman.

Here's a sample of the weird and wonderful pages in the book.

by Alitha Spuri-Zampetti

by Urban Camoflage

by Pyuupiri

by Shin Murayama

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