3DTOPO has released a new iPhone app that promises to turn any photo into a 'Hope' style poster design.

The app is based on the Barack Obama iconic 'Hope' poster designed by artist Shepard Fairey, which was later acquired by the Smithsonian Institution for its National Portrait Gallery.

Fairey found the Obama photograph using Google Image Search, which eventually revealed to be an April 2006 photo by freelancer Mannie Garcia for The Associated Press. The image was later the centre of copyright issues, an issue that was eventually resolved.

Fairey made his name creating stickers and posters featuring the legendary professional wrestler André the Giant, which evolved into the wider Obey Giant campaign.

"Just select your image, crop and position, choose a style, type your message and save to your library, " 3DTOPO notes. "Share your creations direct to Facebook and Twitter  - both avatar and tweet using Twitpics."

The offers native support for Retina displays and iPad, while images are saved at screen resolution of your device.

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, HOPE Poster Photo Filter costs 59p and requires the iOS 3.1.3 Software Update or later.

HOPE Poster Photo Filter


HOPE Poster Photo Filter

HOPE Poster Photo Filter