New from the Twitter Fail Whale artist: the IPO Hippo

If a hippo gobbling dollar signs isn't the iconic image of the Twitter IPO, it should be.

YiYing Lu, whose Lifting a Dreamer later became the iconic Twitter Fail Whale image, has crafted a new piece of art to commemorate Twitter's initial public offering. The IPO Hippo (above), the name that Wall Street Journal reporter Jeff Elder came up with, was released on Twitter Thursday morning.

Twitter's IPO, of course, is going like the proverbial, well, IPO hippo, opening at over $45 per share. That's more than double the $26 price that Twitter had set for each of the 70 million shares as of Wednesday night.

The Fail Whale has rarely been seen in the past few years, as Twitter has successfully worked to eliminate service outages. Lu also developed a Success Loch Ness image to celebrate Twitter's success at keeping the site up and stable, something that Twitter hand struggled with during the early days of the service.

According to Lu, the Fail Whale was originally an elephant, part of a series of images the artist had worked on over the course of about five years.

"Five years after creating the original Lifting a Dreamer sketch, I was returning once again to Australia after my exchange study at Central Saint Martins in London, and I created an updated version of my birds lifting an elephant' image," YiYing writes in her history of the sketch.

"This was in early 2007. This time, instead of pencil and paper, I created a vector graphic with color and smaller size to send via email," YiYing wrote. "And this time, instead of an elephant, it featured a whalesince I was living in New South *Whales*. Which as I recall seemed really clever at the time!"

So far, Twitter's IPO looks like it's going to mint more millionaires. MannaMoney from heaven, indeed.

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