Ballistic Publishing has announced its next book, d’artiste Fashion Design. Best-known for producing collections of the work of fantasy and sci-fi artists, Ballistic has taken a slightly different direction with this book, covering the design of clothing and accessories across fashion illustration and portraiture as well as its traditional areas. And it even features mostly anatomically possible women.

The book features a number of in-depth tutorials, which aim to teach the reader how to design and clothe a character.

The tutorials, which have been written by Alessia Zambonin, Lois van Baarle, Annie Stegg and Anne Pogoda, take you through the whole process of designing a character. This includes everything from working out the proportions of your character, through to make-up and accessories. Finally, there’s a series of galleries featuring the artists’ work.

We've posted some pics of the book and examples of the art inside below.

Dagny by Alessia Zambonin

Glow by Lois van Baarle

Pearl Ryukin by Annie Stegg

The book is available in two editions – slip-cased (US$75, around £48) and limited edition ($170/£110) – from