A new book brings together exclusive artworks from a wealth of well-known illustrators to raise money for Maggie’s cancer caring centres, which support both those with the disease and their friends and family.

Memories features work from 144 artists including Tom Bagshaw, Adhemas Batista, Nikki Farquaharson, Si Scott, Deanne Cheuk, Vaughan Oliver and our own Johann Chan.

The book was put together by writer Garrick Webster, designer and DAHRA-founder Rishi Sodha, designer Antony Kitson and Subism chief Stuart Boyd.

"We wanted this book to do two things," says Garrick. "Firstly to generate awareness of the positive side of cancer diagnosis, and the daily work of the good people at every Maggie’s centre; which is all about supporting people with affirmative relationships. Secondly, we wanted the Memories book to be accessible to anyone – from brassic students to CEOs, carers and fundraisers. The £10 cover price is a small sum to pay for such a huge amount of creativity but we hope that Memories will become a catalyst for further contributions to Maggie’s. We are hugely indebted to the writers, artists, printers and suppliers for giving their time, resources and creatively so freely. The book is a lasting testament to their commitment and with only 700 copies available there will be very few owners around the world able to enjoy it."

"Memories connected with me from day one," says Johann. "They hit the ground running with a combination of elements- the momentum built by Garrick and his team was already incredible, the graphic design was slick, Luke O’neil’s illustration set a high aesthetic standard for the Memories visual identity, and the beautiful concept was loaded with substance and emotion. It affected me too, after reading Antony’s story [about his relationship with his father who died of cancer], understanding the intimacy between the father and son, at first I wondered if I could do the story justice with the artwork, but then the work flowed because it was driven by something so deeply loaded with human emotions."

Here are a selection of works from the book, followed by a couple of shots Johann took at the launch of the book last week.

Adhemas Batista

Andy Potts

Nancy Mungcal

Nikki Farquharson

Tom Bagshaw

Johann Chan

Cover artwork by Luke O'Neill

Garrick and Stuart

Risha and Antony

The book can be bought from memories.subism.co.uk