Cycling is helping to keep the creative wheels turning in an ongoing collaboration between illustration legend John McFaul and top-class Illustrator Peter Lin of London-based agenchy 2xanadu.


Already the two have worked with Luma, a Hong Kong-based company specialising in cycling apparel, to bring us Bespoke: Creative, an exhibition of bicycle frames featuring custom artwork by McFaul, Lin and other leading designers and studios, including Vault 49, Ademas Batista, Ollie Munden and Ben Thomas. The exhibition was held in east London at the end of October with support from Tiger Beer.

Bespoke started when Peter Lin, John McFaul and Louis Lui, the founder of Luma, came together to celebrate their joint passion for art and cycling.  They aim to "inspire and educate future generations about the importance of ambition through the joys of cycling".