Marco Oggian's Dreams and Nightmares explores our global anxiety in 2020

We're big fans of London's Pocko gallery, as operated by the creative agency of the same name.

The space held one of last year's best art shows, Simon Landrein's I Don't Get It, a collection of screenprints and ink drawings by the irreverent French illustrator which we explored in a video feature and interview.

Fast forward to a (sort of) post-lockdown UK in 2020, and Pocko gallery presents their first exhibition out of forced closure with artist Marco Oggian, one that explores our anxiety as we struggle to pull out of a very deflating global pandemic.

Titled Dreams and Nightmares, the show features an exciting mix of 2D and 3D pieces from Marco himself, as well as artists Mike Fernandez, Made Black Studios and Ana Rod, specifically focusing on three emotions – Anger, Hate and Fear.

Using Marco’s unique visual style as a springboard, each artist interpreted these emotions into their respective materials. Made Black Studios for example focus on interpreting each one of these three nightmare emotions into a unique custom pair of sneakers.

3D artist Mike Fernandez meanwhile interpreted his idea of a nightmare emotion into a virtual inflatable monster. You can access this monster by visiting Instagram, and using your phone camera bring the monsters to life in the safe space of your home.

Finally, Ana Rod showcases a unique collection of ceramic-made nightmares, painted in dreamlike colours. This addition of Marco Oggian’s prints displayed around the gallery feeds into the theme of being in a dreamlike 'nightmare' space. 

"Creativity will always prevail through hardships," Marco commented, "which is why the rewarding collaboration between these artists represents the uplifting dreamlike feeling within this exhibition."

You can catch the show in person at Pocko; just call the gallery ahead of time in order to book a slot anytime between 9:30am – 6:30pm (Mon – Fri). Find more details on the Pocko site.

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