Magical mystery tour: this artist has colourfully customised a bus to promote positive mental health

Public transportation gets a psychedelic makeover by a rising new talent, all in support of mental well-being.

Public transport in Britain could do with a pick me up. When we're not waiting for overpriced and overrunning trains, we're riding on dull coloured buses that may have one or two shifty undesirables looking over your shoulder.

Bringing a bit of colour and cheer to the equation is Brighton artist Lois O'Hara, who's designed an eye-catching bus to promote positivity on a bus route popular with students of Sussex University.

Lois first approached Brighton & Hove Buses out of a desire to work with a large-scale canvas on which to promote positive mental health, a theme which often comes up in her work.

The artist, who's signed to hot new illustration agency Roar, is no stranger to invading her home county with waves of line and colour; previous works have seen her install a delightful floor mural on Brighton sea front. 

Her predilection for bold colours and wavy patterns is put to good use on the bus design, designed to help people feel energised and improve well-being.

“It was just a natural connection, really," Lois said on the launch of the bus earlier this week. "The fact the bus moves around is a visual tie-in and a bendy bus is even better.

“I hope it will encourage people to get on the bus and hopefully they’ll want to talk to people on the bus."

Lois observes her handiwork

The design was chosen by a voting body of 700 Sussex University students, in anticipation of the university's One World Week festival of celebrations. 

“I was shocked that so many people voted," Lois says. "I think people liked the ability to have a say. It was a really good idea.”   

See more of Lois' work in action on the Roar website.

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