Looking back over the anime-influenced art career of DJ/producer Murlo

See striking artworks, animations and installations by the 'post-garage' dance musician – and there's a chance to attend a live art class with him too.

Murlo is well known for bringing his live audio-visual sets to clubs and art centres around the UK, but this September will see the Manchester musician's debut art show – sponsored by Red Bull – giving a nice retrospective of his respected forays into video art and illustration.

Split into sections, the exhibition will comprise a visual timeline of his work covering record covers, event flyers and beyond, along with a station to watch selected animated pieces and music videos like the one made below for 2017's Tired of You.

There'll also be live drawing with Murlo himself, along with a new series of works entitled Biolife, as previewed here.


If you're in/near to London, you can catch The Murlo Collection at Studio 9294 from September 6 to the 9th. The show will also marks the very first opportunity to buy limited edition Murlo prints, so best head down early if you're looking for collectables.

If not, you can see more his visual work alongside his music at murlo.tv.

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